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Roof Painting


One of the most important aspects of restoring our roofs is getting them painted. Roof painting does not just increase appeal and value to your house, it is also helpful in resisting breakages. A good roof surface will prevent the water penetrating the tiles and thus avoiding too much moisture develops in roof.

Big Apple Roofing has the solution you are seeking. Actively involved in promoting roof painting services in Melbourne, the company wants to put its 21 years of history at the service of those who are thirsty for quality. Experience has taught us not to take chances when it comes to offering our customers the best for their satisfaction.

Revitalize your roof this season and have it painted with BIg Apple Roofing. Your roof needs care and attention just like any part of your home. Without taking the necessary steps, you could end up with a roof that eats your cash in repairs.

Just like tyre coating, it is a common misconception that painting your roof is merely an aesthetic job. This is not the case. By painting your roof you are strengthening the surface so it offers protection in summer and winter from cold as well as excessive heat and in Australia that is something we know a lot about. Why spend a fortune on an air conditioning system when you can help protect your home from sunlight by employing us to do the job safely and professionally. Our service will guarantee your roof is in the best shape all year round so you don’t need to sweat a sizable roof repair invoice.

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ROOF COLOR Roll Over Chart

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