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Roof Extension Services

Roof Extension Services In Melbourne

Reasons to Get Roof Extensions

A lot of people are faced with the questions whether they should rebuild their home or simply add an extension.The fact is:

Factors to consider when you decide to get your Roof Extended

Cost Of Roof Extension

Roof extensions in Melbourne can get quite expensive, however when you get a quote from Big Apple Roofing, you get competitive pricing along with a durable roof that will keep your extension safe from harsh weather.

Roof Extensions – Big Apple Roofing

we have the necessary skills and expertise to build your roof extensions quickly. All you need to do is email us your detailed extension plans and we will have a quote ready for you.


We can even perform an on-site inspection to give you a detailed idea regarding such a project. In short, we help you get your roof extensions done hassle free

Roof Extension Process

Once you accept our quote, we can give you an exact start date of your project and start the job quickly. We can also install scaffolding and safety rails where required.

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