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Roof Cleaning

4 CoatsEvery day we clean our homes making sure they are neat and tidy; we may even take our efforts outside and paint the exterior of our homes. But how well do we look after the most important part of our houses? During the winter season wind and rain can blow debris onto our roofs which not only looks unsightly but can cause real long lasting damage.



For example did you know that you are 3 times more likely to have serious gutter and tile problems if you do not clean your roof regularly?

We all know how expensive these larger repairs can be so why not be proactive and prevent unwanted deposits by giving Big Apple Roofing Roofing a call? As a company we have all the correct equipment to make a mountainous job quick and easy.

We make sure your roof is water tight before using any water to remove dirt and grime. Our high pressure washer will remove all the ugly staining from your tiles and bring your roof back to its former glory. As part of our service we clear and clean all gutters, making sure there are no obstructions that can cause problems for you later on. We will also clean all walls and paths so no your house sparkles inside and out.

If you want a professional, no hassle service, then call us at BIg Apple Roofing on 03 9883 7719


ROOF COLOR Roll Over Chart

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Please note: Colours display slightly different on all computer monitors. Contact Big Apple Roofing for a complete range of colours.