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New Roofs

Need To Install A New Roof?

Signs that shows that your house needs a new roof

Whether you are planning to sell your property or renovate it, a new roof can definitely enhance the looks and the value of your property.

Cost of a New Roof

While the cost of the roofing depends on the size of your home or commercial property and also the state of the existing roof; Big Apple Roofing offers competitive pricing and you are guaranteed to get a great value for the money you spend.

New Roof Installation

Property owners can be rest assured that the new roofs we install will look great and extend the life of their property and assets. We also wash and clean your gutters for a spotless roof. Our work is safe and meets all the safety standards.
Big Apple Roofing is a certified HIA member.

Construction Time for a New Roof

While you might believe that roofing is a huge project that will take weeks or months, Big Apple Roofing guarantees:

Why Big Apple Roofing?

We ensure the highest quality in our work and follow work ethics. You are bound to get the highest satisfaction when you get a roof from the Big Apple Roofing Company.
Big Apple Roofing is an expert is installing a new roof. We have been installing new roofs in Melbourne for years now.