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Gutter Replacement Melbourne

We have the solution to your guttering problems!

Big Apple Roofing understands how an average Australian roof is constantly bombarded with rainwater and other environmental elements. That is the reason why, we pride ourselves on

Big Apple Roofing offers you several options for guttering like Colorbond gutters, Quad gutters, Fascia gutters and Concealed guttering. Get our experts to come to you and advise you about the right guttering option for you. We have fantastic gutter solutions for every domestic and commercial roof and use only the highest quality products for all gutter repairs or replacement.

Types of Guttering Offered to Melbourne Property Owners

Big Apple Roofing offers guttering solutions for Melbourne homeowners which are tailored to clients’ aesthetic preferences, building type and location. The following details the basic guttering types available and their respective features.


Quad Gutter Replacement

The Quad gutter is popular because of its adaptability as it looks great on both traditional and modern homes. The Quad gutter is manufactured in a vast range of sizes and colours and can be produced with slots to prevent water overflow. Also known as “D” gutters, Quad gutters are commonly manufactured from Colourbond, stainless steel, Zincalume and galvanized steel depending on roof type and budget.


square lineSquare Line Gutter Replacement

A Square-Line gutter is regularly used for providing drainage to garages and carports as it effectively conceals the end of roof sheeting. A stylish addition to any home, the Square-Line gutter can be more expensive to install as there are many joints which require slotting together and folding around corners.



mini lineMini Line Gutter Replacement

The Mini-Line Gutter is similar in appearance to the Square-Line style as it fits flush to the fascia using concealed fixtures and brackets. Mini-Line Guttering is more suited to heavy rainfall areas due to its greater rainwater capacity.


Box GutterBox Gutter Replacement

A Boxed gutter is generally concealed from the ground, so if seeing the guttering is not desirable a box gutter could be an ideal choice. A Box gutter must be installed with an appropriate emergency overflow facility as in the event of extreme rainfall there is a risk of water entering the roof space. Boxed guttering can be fitted with gutter guards to prevent debris build-up which lowers the required on-going maintenance for this guttering type.

Continuous Guttering

Continuous guttering is on site which lessens wastage and gives a neat final aesthetic. The cost of installation is usually lower than other guttering types, and as the continuous guttering has very few joints the chance of leaking is minimised, reducing the chance of required future maintenance.