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Different Types of Roofs

The roof is one of the most important aspects of a home. It needs to be sturdy and constructed using dependable materials. The roof material that you choose decides important factors like energy bills and your family’s safety during harsh weather. Hence, roofing materials need to be affordable and provide adequate protection against fire, flood and other hazards.

 Big Apple Roofing has expertise in all different types of roofs like:

Slate roofs, Terracotta roofs, polycarbonate roofing, metal roofing, steel roofing, Zinc roofs & Cement Roofs. Some of these types of roofs are explained below:

Colorbond Roofs – Repair & Restoration

Colorbond roofing services in Melbourne

Colorbond steel is an ideal roofing material as it has many advantages over alternative roofing products. Colorbond steel is very strong, making it durable and able to endure Melbourne’s climate throughout every season. It is also an energy smart roofing option, making the long term Colorbond roofing cost lower than other roofing materials as money can be saved on energy costs over the lifetime of the roof.

Terracotta Roofs – Repair & Restoration

Terracotta roofing services in Melbourne

Terracotta roof tiles are made from natural clay fired in kiln that increases its durability. These tiles are attractive and are also resistant to moisture and fire hazards. Terracotta roof tiles are a cost effective solution for homes in milder climate. However, these tiles are a bit fragile and need to be installed very carefully.

Cement Roofs – Repair & Restoration

Cement roofing services in Melbourne

Cement roofs are a sturdier alternative to terracotta roof tiles. These tiles lay lesser stress on the roofing frame. They are moisture and fire-resistant and come in various textures and colours. Moreover, they can also be shaped into different styles to create a whole new look for your dwelling.

Zinc Roofs – Repair & Restoration

Zinc roofing services in Melbourne

Zinc is a material that can be bent into various complex shapes that are difficult to achieve with other materials. It also has an exceptionally long life and can be recycled. Thus, it is a sustainable building material that is safe for the environment. It also has mechanical flexibility that can enable it to gel with other materials like wood, glass, cement etc. It is corrosion resistant and does not require much maintenance.

Why Big Apple Roofing?

At Big Apple Roofing Company, we have various options in roofing to suit various architectural styles and budgets.
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